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Grapefruit Bath Bomb

Grapefruit Bath Bomb

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Introducing our exquisite handmade bath bombs infused with the invigorating essence of grapefruit. Indulge in a truly blissful bathing experience as the tantalizing scent of freshly squeezed grapefruit envelopes your senses, uplifting your mood and revitalizing your spirit.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our bath bombs are lovingly handcrafted using only the finest, natural ingredients. Each bomb is meticulously formed, ensuring a perfect blend of fragrances and a delightful explosion of colors when dropped into your bathwater.

As soon as the bath bomb meets the water, it fizzes and foams, releasing a symphony of vibrant hues that dance and swirl, transforming your ordinary bath into a luxurious oasis. Feel the stress and tension melt away as you immerse yourself in the soothing waters, enriched with nourishing essential oils and moisturizing ingredients.

The grapefruit fragrance not only invigorates your senses but also provides a refreshing burst of energy, awakening your body and mind. The zesty aroma lingers in the air, creating a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom, transporting you to a world of tranquility and relaxation.

Our bath bombs are not only a sensory delight but also a treat for your skin. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and hemp seed oil, they work to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated after every bath.

Pamper yourself or surprise your loved ones with these enchanting grapefruit bath bombs. They make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a special treat to show someone you care. Let the fragrant embrace of grapefruit whisk you away to a blissful retreat, where self-care and indulgence meet.

Immerse yourself in luxury with our handmade bath bombs and experience the tantalizing allure of grapefruit like never before. Elevate your bath time routine and unlock a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with every use. Try our grapefruit bath bombs today and let the magic unfold in your own private oasis of tranquility.

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water to your desired level.
  • Unwrap the bath bomb from its packaging.
  • Gently drop the bath bomb into the water, allowing it to fizz, foam, and dissolve.
  • Watch as the bath bomb releases its enchanting aroma and vibrant colors.
  • Relax and unwind as the bath bomb's natural ingredients work their magic on your skin.
  • Feel free to gently agitate the water to disperse the bath bomb's essence.
  • Enjoy your bath for 15-20 minutes, or as long as you desire.
  • After your bath, carefully step out and rinse off any residue if necessary.
  • Pat your skin dry with a soft towel and revel in the refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.
  • For optimal storage, keep any remaining bath bombs in a cool, dry place away from moisture.
  • Indulge in this luxurious experience whenever you need a moment of self-care and relaxation.


Our bath bombs include the following ingredients: Baking soda, Citric acid, Cream of tartar, Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, Kaolin clay, Isopropyl alcohol, Grapefruit billini fragrance oil, Hemp seed oil, Polysorbate 80, Shea butter, and Skin-safe dyes.


  • Remove your bath bomb from its wrappers - yes we use two wrappers to protect your precious purchase. 
  • Discard the wrappers and label so they do not end up in your tub. 
  • Place the bath bomb in the tub, sit back and relax while enjoying the magic that comes next!
  • Your bath bomb will fizz, foam, spin, float, and envelope you in its fragrances. 
  • Since our bath bombs are handmade, each one will respond a little differently.  
  • Tell your family and friends how to get their very own bath bomb from Glendora's Soap!


  • Our bath bombs contain natural butters and oils, these may make your tub slippery.  Please use caution when exiting your tub!
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Storing these bath bombs in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight will extend their useful life.  Humidity and moisture are the enemy of bath bombs!
  • Some bath bombs may leave a light discoloration on some tub surfaces, but it will wipe clean easily.

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