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Our Story

Our story starts and ends here in West Virginia.  I grew up in Clay County, and have lived in Hinton, Charleston and now Lewisburg.  For several years before moving to Lewisburg, we explored other parts of this great country, living in Montana, Colorado, and Alaska before coming back home.

Our travels took us to some beautiful, but rugged areas.  Living in cold and dry areas, and even an Alaska rainforest, we learned the importance of taking care of our skin.  We also found it tough to find quality skin care products that don't have harsh chemicals and detergents in them.  This led us to develop our own line of natural handmade skin care products.  

I have always been creative, so I enjoy designing products that not only pamper your skin, but also have unique designs and aromas.  We strive to use only the best ingredients and handcraft our products in small batches here in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia.  We follow Good Manufacturing Practices to create the highest quality products in each batch we make.  This approach to quality assurance allows us to consistently have products that we are proud to sell, and use ourselves!

We take so much pride in what we do that we named the company to honor my late mother.  She truly enjoyed being pampered, and just like all of us, she deserved it.  I hope you enjoy our Glendora's Soap skin care products as much as we do.  Go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Bonnie Mitchell